Ron Paul for President!

For those of you who don’t know him, Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican presidential candidate. He opposes world policing, supports the US Constitution, and wants to enstate a flat tax of 0%. He recently appeared on the Tonight Show –

I encourage all of you to watch that video, and read more about Ron Paul on his website here. He may seem unpopular, but he’s raised over $2.5 million and ranks very highly in the straw polls. So what do you think?


The Arboretum

I went to the Arboretum yesterday and took around two hundred and fifty pictures. Here are the best eighteen. One of my favorites is below –

I’m sorry for the low resolution – I can’t upload tons of photos at high resolution under the free account restrictions. Enjoy! Please comment, here or on my Flickr account!


Free Stuff!

No, these won’t give you viruses. No, I’m not trying to spam you. I was just amazed by the quality of free programs and music online. So, just as a little treat, here are six of my favorite free (downloadable) things online –

Graphics Programs
Apophysis – a fracal creating program which allows you to modify randomly-generated flames to create amazing patterns. Here are some I’ve created –

DAZ Studio
– a 3D posing suite which allows you to position and animate various 3D models. The program itself comes with a few basic ones, and you can download more (some are even free!) off their website.

Terragen – a 3D photo-realistic landscape creating program. Here’s a landscape I’ve created with it –

Jonathan Coulton – many of his songs are available online for free, and all are under a Creative Commons license!

Tom Smith – many of his songs are also available online for free, and they’re all also copyrighted under a Creative Commons license!

To Touch the Stars: A Musical Celebration of Space Exploration – five full-length songs from this CD are available straight from the publisher!


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