People Are Actually…Serious?

Yes. Finally, a candidate I would vote for. Sad to say, Colbert’s may only be a mock candidacy. Although, to be honest, he’s probably the most likeable candidate out there. His ratings are respectable (unlike the current president’s, who, we are constantly reminded, has a lower approval rating than herpes), and yet, he speaks to Bush’s fans in the language of truthiness, one they can understand. So if Colbert were to run, he’d actually have a pretty good chance of winning.

Sit up and pay attention to Colbert campaign

I’m beginning to consider whether or not there’s a chance that I might decide to think about even imagining if Colbert did remotely well in the primaries. He’s not a politician, he has no political experience, and no real-time qualificiation to become our president. Why would anybody vote for him? Would you? Why not?


2 Responses

  1. Heck yes, I’d vote for him. Why? Because the other candidates are st00pid. Not that I know anything at all about politics. I judge by haircuts and sarcasm levels. So, obviously, Colbert would have /my/ vote. ^_^


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