It’s a big day for me in the blogosphere! First of all, The Discombobulator now has over 500 hits! Second of all, the esteemed blog RealClimate has accepted my comment on their recent post. Their post pertains to the British judge’s ruling about the showing of An Inconvenient Truth in public schools, and my comment relates very much to one of my previous posts.

What else makes this a big day? Today is the second day of Stephen Colbert’s official candidacy! Truthiness and justice for all…

…really, what is Colbert thinking? If he’s just doing this for kicks, well, is our political system really a playground? Is he actually going to take this seriously? Which candidate is he really trying to draw votes away from? What do you think?

I’ll post more on this as it develops.


One Response

  1. O. M. G. I’m voting for him. I mean, I /would/ vote for him. Who cares who he’s trying to steal votes from?! He’s STEPHEN COLBERT!! ^_^ YAY! I want a bumber sticker…

    And o.0! You’re, like, a totally hardcore blogger now. That pwns. xD Congrats on 500 hits! Teh w00terzz!! Pwnsomeness! *celebrates online* BTW! I’m looking forward to future Colbert Campaign updates. Hurry up and find them and tell me what happened.

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