Flyboy Andrei – Update!

“Eventually, I decided to climb up the landing gear into the wing. When I was in, I sat down there on a tyre and fell asleep.”The boy said he woke up when the plane was flying.

Teen survives ride in jet wing | Herald Sun

More updates from yesterday’s story! Now that seems very unlikely to me, but it could have happened. He fell asleep on the wing and woke up when it was airborne? You’d think the engine would wake him…either that, he would slide off the plane while it was accelerating. You never know. Stranger things have happened.


4 Responses

  1. …Okay, I know I said I’d comment later, but… like, WTH?! I think that’s /quite/ said. -_-;;

  2. There’s no way it’s true.

  3. *actually reads article* OMG that sucks!! O.O I hope he’s okay!!! ‘Cause, OUCH. Awww I hope they don’t have to amputate his hands!!!! *cries*

  4. isnt that sad? he flew 10,000 miles and might lose both his hands to get away from his father, but got taken right back as soon as he landed.

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